Atoms Lab Relfection

Atoms Blog Reflection
By: Kierra Long

Ok. So today in class we did an atom’s lab. We used 4 straws and 4 pieces of tape in this lab. So we took two pieces of tape and taped them to our desk. Then we took another 2 pieces of tape and taped them on top of the other pieces of tape. Then we stuck one task tap to one straw and one tape tape on another and stuck the straws together. We did the same for the other set of desk tape and tape tape.
We discovered that when you bring one of the straws with des tape on it and a straw with tape tape on it, the pieces of tape are attracted to each other! However, when you bring a desk tape straw and another desk tape straw together, the completely repel each other! Like people say, opposites attract!!! The atoms in one strip of tape were positive and the other negative. Therefore the reason why they would either repel or attract each other! We also learned that over time scientists have discovered certain materials can react to each other to create a positive or negative charge. Like with the tape! PVC pipe being rubbed with a cotton cloth repelled the tape! All the protons and electrons and everything has been studied by scientists to remember this.
We are always making great discoveries! MORE and MORE every day!


Convincing commoners of catastrophe

You will write a letter to the two individuals you identified in D8 to try to convince them to do their part in your mitigation plan.


Individual impacts Blog post

Written by: Kierra Long


Dear Nike employees and Fathers of newborns,


There are tons of problems in the world these days. Everybody has their own personal issues.  One of the biggest world wide issues is climate change. A Nike employee will be impacted by climate change because the co2 can kill people, for example the smog in china (manufacturers). Meaning less product meaning less jobs. I don’t know about you but that would definitely concern me. Now, in regards to a father with a newborn baby, there’s ton of reason to be concerned about climate change. How about the simple fact of your child’s survival. The more co2 there is, the more heating of the planet which, if unchecked, will kill us.

I’m a strong believer that the majority of climate change is man’s fault. There are tons of people who believe other wise but i completely disagree. There is evidence clear as day that proves it! Climate change is caused by man made co2. It’s everywhere. It’s in our car exhaust. It’s ours fossil fuel burning factories. Heck! We exhale the stuff! Ever since the industrial revolution our carbon dioxide levels have increased are 60 percent!!

(sea level rise over riding cities due to co2)

A group of friends and I have put together some solutions to this problem we have. Some scientific mitigation ideas. We have come up with multiple possibilities, there’s nuclear energy,  efficiency transport, efficiency building, soil storage, forest storage, wind electricity, solar electricity and efficiency electricity. All solid mitigation plans. Each of them have different pros and cons but  all together it’s better then we are doing now.t

The biggest pro the mitigation plan obviously is getting to live. That’s quite the plus. Yes you will need some money and yes you will need actually give a crap and show some effort.  There’s space issues and what not but if we work as a nation and as a team we can accomplish ANYTHING! Even if that task is saving the world and getting to live another day. The pros outweigh the cons in every way! You can’t worry about money and space if you’re dead!!

A little bit goes a long ways! If everybody does a little bit every day then the world is already a better place. Ride your bike more! Use public transportation! Car pool! Recycle! Use the Power of voting! Install solar panels! There are tons of ways to help out. People need to be more aware of the situation! All it take is… YOU!


Concerned but hopeful,

Kierra Long



“How do blogs help you keep track of learning?”

Blogs can be helpful in many different ways. Maybe not to all people, but in the right hands with the right tools it can be very useful.  Being a high school student myself I know for a fact that even if your the most organized person in the whole school, keeping track of assignments and papers and what not can get a bit hectic. If you use a blog, you can almost garentee that ALL of your past and current assignments will be right where you left them, HERE! My other main reason for a blog would be my teacher. Your teacher can get on your blog any time they like and collect your assignment. Which doesn’t give them the excuse that they lost your paper in the stack of papers anymore, because its right here. Plus, think about if your absent or sick for your class. You don´t have to turn in a late assignment your teacher can hop on your blog and take it him/herself. Blogs can be a toy and a tool. They’re actually really useful. Its all about perspective.