SASSY… very sassy and stubborn. Sometimes a bit too stubborn but eh, what are you, do about it? My personal goals are to reach a certain sports/fitness goal. My academic goal is to finish this semester with a 3.5+ GPA. My scientific goals it to pass this class with an above average grade since science isn’t exactly my strong suit. I hope to find a career that PERSONALLY satisfies me AND makes a solid decent income. I’m horrified to be a business woman and work in a cubical for the rest of my life. However, I don’t wanna have a career that I enjoy but only be living pay check to pay check and just being able to “survive” or “live.” I have picky goals but goals they are.

Science, when I was a kid, wasn’t an often thought of the thing. But I thought of it as inventing things and blowing stuff up. At one point in time, that’s what I wanted to be when I grow up but that eventually died. One of the first science experiments I remember was in the 4th grade. My dad and I spent all night making a magnet with a battery that would pick up a paper clip. I thought it was amazing when I was younger. Now I think it’s cheesy. In 5th-grade “science class” really started to pick up. We started talking about the circle of life. We also talked about the food chain and where humans are on it. One of the first labs or experiments I ever did was with grams. I was learning to abut the unit of measurement grams and we were taking note of how many grams a paper clip was vs a pencil. Little stuff like that. In 6th grade, I remember working on the human body a lot. The scientific part of things. In 7th grade, we had a unit over genetics and cloning and stuff like that and we did robotics and plenty other things. In 8th grade, I can’t remember too much but we worked on a mini chemistry unit and the equations and chemicals and atoms part of things which I quickly learned I was no good at. Which leads up to 9th grade now where I’m trying to pull off an above average grade because of that fact. The teacher makes it worth the while, though. I feel like if I had a teacher I don’t like teaching this class that I would be borderline failing.

One of my favorite scientific experiences was in 7th grade. I had science class with my absolute best friend at the time and we were learning about genetics. Our teacher was showing us how to predict future genetic traits. We just sat there forever calculating how our parent’s traits made us and made our siblings. Then we would pair of 2 people in our class and predict their outcome. The teacher didn’t mind because were practicing and it was technical science but it was a blast with her. Now I’m not exactly a science smarty or anything. Never have been and probably never will be but there are some fun or interesting things about science. The human body can be interesting and genetics can be interesting. The right class lab can be interesting. A fun mind twist to talk about is the universe. Your place in the universe and whats out there and what more important and the whole conspiracy. it all very interesting. You never know what you con run into now a day! that’s why it’s SCIENCE!!!