“How do blogs help you keep track of learning?”

Blogs can be helpful in many different ways. Maybe not to all people, but in the right hands with the right tools it can be very useful.  Being a high school student myself I know for a fact that even if your the most organized person in the whole school, keeping track of assignments and papers and what not can get a bit hectic. If you use a blog, you can almost garentee that ALL of your past and current assignments will be right where you left them, HERE! My other main reason for a blog would be my teacher. Your teacher can get on your blog any time they like and collect your assignment. Which doesn’t give them the excuse that they lost your paper in the stack of papers anymore, because its right here. Plus, think about if your absent or sick for your class. You don´t have to turn in a late assignment your teacher can hop on your blog and take it him/herself. Blogs can be a toy and a tool. They’re actually really useful. Its all about perspective.